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Rebecca Episode Event - A Mysterious Scientist


Apr 23rd, 2024

Greetings, Pioneers.

‘Rebecca Episode - Mysterious Scientist’ event will start after the Scheduled Maintenance on April 24, 2024, and will be held for three weeks!

Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on April 24, 2024
TO the scheduled maintenance on May 14, 2024



Who Can Participate

- This event is open to all Families



How to Participate 

> ‘Rebecca Episode - A Mysterious Scientist’ event will begin.
- You can proceed with the quest via NPC ‘Veronif’ at the Reboldoeux Fountain.
- After completing a certain number of quests, you can continue the event quest via NPC ‘Rebecca’ at the Thueringen Lakeside.
- Complete the event quest by clearing Rank Mission, collecting items from the farm, and hunting the monsters!

- Daily Quest Reward

Event Soul Crystal 2
Event Principal Potion 5


- Reward based on Number of times completed

Number of times completed
Item Count
1 Event Triumph Potion 5
Event Master Card 1
3 Event Equipment Preset Drill 2
Event Total Status Ampule 5
5 Madrid's Artifact Box 3
Event Portable Bullet (1 Day) Box 2
6 Event Ring of Strength Box 3
Event Enhanced Enchant Stabilizer 5
8 Event Ring of Dexterity Box 3
Event Tears of Sara 2
9 Event Ring of Intelligence Box 3
Event Enhanced Steroid Potion 5
Event Valeron Pistol 1
10 Event Valeron Weapon Summon Stone 1
Event Star Teardrop 2
Event Socket Processing Tranquillizer 5
12 Suspicious Vial (Rebecca Artifact) 1



Thank you.



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