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Character Package Removed and About Future Updates

Greetings, Pioneers,     As we announced in the recent notice, the Collection Character Package has officially been removed from the ICash Shop.   It has been two years since the item was first released, and many changes have been made in the game due to the addition of various contents. The character package was removed because we concluded that this package was no longer suitable for this changing environment.   However, because what we found unsuitable was not the Collection Character Packages itself but other components added to them, we are currently planning to re-organize and re-introduce the item in upcoming December. The main item, Collection Character Summon Stone, will remain the same and we will introduce the details of the new product in the near future.     Thank you. imcGAMES

November 26th, 2020

Patch Notes

[UPDATE] Scheduled Maintenance for November 25, 2020

Hello, imcGAMES here. We would like to announce the details of the maintenance scheduled for November 25, 2020. Make sure to check below for the schedule and patch notes.   MAINTENANCE PERIOD   - [SGT] 13:00 to 18:00 (November 25, 2020) - [EST] 00:00 to 05:00 (November 25, 2020) - [CET] 06:00 to 11:00 (November 25, 2020)   Patch Notes   1. CASH SHOP    > Lyndon Box now available for purchase!    - The Lyndon Box will be available at the in-game Cash Shop from the scheduled maintenance on November 25 to December 9.   - You can check the details about the box and how to purchase it from the following LINK!   > Letizia Feso Gift Box Special Rewards REMOVED  - Letizia Feso Gift Boxes will now only provide the original rewards after this scheduled maintenance.   > The following items are no longer sold  - Collection Character Package - Light  - Collection Character Package - Premium   > The components of item 'Letizia feso gift box' will be changed.  - Item 'Time Ore Box' will be changed to 'Enhance Ampule Box(1MCC)'.  - Item 'Prospe Recipe Box' will be changed to 'Divine Accessories Recipe Box)'.     2. CONTENT CHANGES / ADDITIONS    > New Character   - Code Name C  > New Stance   - Ice Crown  > Ferruccio Character Card Box, Collection Character Summon Stone  - Sharon the Sage   > Ferruccio Medal Summon Stone  - 2020 Halloween Medal  - Knight of Londinium    > Following items will be added to the Character Costume Summon Stone.   * Female, Melee    - Event Chung Ha Halloween Costume    - Event Nike Halloween Costume    - Event Bryan/Divine Hammer Bryan Halloween Costume   > New stance [Incrucio] is added.  - ‘Hector’ can use the exclusive [Incrucio] stance when equipping Shotguns.  - Appearance of ‘Hector’ changes when the stance is applied.  - [Incrucio] stance and skill ring will be added in the reward list of ‘Stance Ring Box’ and ‘Ring Box of Veiren’.  - [Incrucio] Stance only Voice will be added.   > New character ‘Bedel’ will be added. - ‘Bedel’ will appear with equipping ‘Crescemento Large Caliber Rifle’ and ‘Crescemento Coat’. - ‘Bedel’ can use the exclusive [Vanguard Order] stance when equipping ‘Large Caliber Rifle’. - [Vanguard Order] stance and skill ring will be added in the reward list of ‘Stance Ring Box’ and ‘Ring Box of Veiren’. - ‘Bedel’ does not require a separate job skill ring. - ‘Bedel Card’ will be given after completing ‘[Black Wolf] Red Rose’ quest.   > ‘Monblerant Bedel’ recruitment quest will be added. - ‘[Black Wolf] Departure Order’ will be automatically received when families who completed ‘[Synodia] To Altria…’ quest enter the village.   > New pet, ‘Toy Sasha’ will be added.  - [Tingle Tingle] buff will be activated when ‘Toy Sasha’ is activated.  - [Tingle Tingle] Magic Attack +10%, Magic Penetration +10, Attack against monster +20%, Melee Damage received -7%, Ignore enemy Resistance +3 > Item gain function of Pet is adjusted.  - It has been changed so that pets will no longer move to pick up items that are not currently available, such as [quantity items reached the upper limit of acquisition] or [non-quantitative items when the inventory is at its maximum].   > The following content is about Scenario Simplification:  - ‘Call from Shariff’ will now activate in every section of Shariff recruitment quest.  - We have fixed the issue that ‘Swamp Monkey Pigment’ does not proceed normally even when completing the requirements.  - We have fixed the issue that ‘[Frourio Outpost] Begin Pioneer’ quest is accepted again after clearing it.   > The following content is about ‘Hard : Blood Navy’, ‘Hard: Tigres Prison’ mission. - ‘Hector’ exclusive transforming stance ‘[Incrucio] Stance Book’ will drop by a certain chance when defeating the Boss of this mission. (In ‘Hard: Tigres Prison’ mission, the item drops by a certain chance when defeating the Boss of each floor.)   > Rewards of some Hard mission will be changed as follows. Mission Category Mission Changes Basic Roulette Additional Roulette Daily Mission ‘Hard : Blood Navy’ - Chance of acquiring ‘Fragment of Power’ increased - ‘Enchant Chip Expert’ deleted - Chance of acquiring ‘5 types of Ancient Stance Book Page’ increased ‘Hard : Tigres Prison B6F’ - - ‘5 types of Ancient Stance Book Page’ added ‘Hard : Tigres Prison B7F’ ‘Hard : Tigres Prison B8F’ ‘Hard : Tigres Prison B9F’ ‘Hard : Tigres Prison Cementerio’ ‘Hard : Royal Road Battle’ - ‘Shiny Solarion’ added - ‘Shiny Solarion’ added - ‘Enchant Chip Expert’ deleted ‘Hard : Retaking Imperium Arma’ ‘Hard : Retaking Imperium Rex’ Weekly Mission ‘Remains of Sky Road - Star Keeper’ - - ‘Enchant Chip Expert’ deleted - Chance of acquiring ‘5 types of Ancient Stance Book Page’ increased ‘Remains of Sky Road - Star Messenger’ ‘Hard : First of Darkness’ ‘Hard : Lucifer, Twisted Spacetime Room’   > Item is added and changed in ‘Lucia Merchant Alliance’ Silver, Gold Coin Shop. Added Item Purchase Limit Cost(Silver/Gold) High Antimagic Potion 10 200 High Abnormal State RES Potion High Buche de noel - Burning Hands High Buche de noel - Chilling Touch High Buche de noel - Electric Charger Combat Manual - Veteran (7 days) 2 3,500   Changed Item Purchase Limit Cost(Silver/Gold) Buckle 2 → 4 2,500 → 500   > When crafting the same kind of ‘Rune of Talos’ from ‘Arpe Valeron’ NPC in ‘Bedel’, you can now craft the item consecutively.  > Camellia Teia field will be reorganized. - The area where normal monsters regenerated will expand and the number of monsters regenerating will increase. - Drop rate of ‘Camellianium’ decreases. - The regenerating spot of monster ‘Labiabe’ is changed. - The regenerating cycle of monster ‘Labiabe’ decreases.   * New middle boss monster, ‘Yuuzan’, ‘Degia’, ‘Okutum’ is added in Camellia Teia field.   - When defeating normal monsters to a certain number, it spawns in a random location with a spawn notification.   - You can acquire ‘Camellianium’ by defeating ‘Yuuzan’, ‘Degia’, ‘Okutum’. > The following content is about ‘Neo’ exclusive stance, [Istion]: - We have fixed the issue that some skills of ‘Neo’ ignore resistance because it doesn’t have an attribute when job skill is unused.   * Attribute of <Bol Rune> will now have ‘Psychic Magic Attribute’ when job skill is unused.   * Attribute of <Ebram>  will now have ‘Psychic Magic Attribute’ when job skill is unused. > Graphic Scale of Weapon when ‘Fenrir’ and ‘Violet’ equips the weapon is decreased.   > Buff range is added to the skill tooltip of ‘Nike’ <Prance Aura>, <Forti Aura>, <Intensi Aura>.   > Serendibite/First Hymn: Maximum number of possession and number of maximum exchangeable number at once is changed to 600.    > Capable missions will be listed in the quest tooltip of ‘[Gigante Little Girl] New Continent Monsters’.   > When 15% HP is left of ‘Blood Navy- Elite’ and ’Blood Navy - Great Sword’ during ‘Conflict with Countess Lucia’ scenario mission, the color of the monster will now turn blue.       3. EVENT  > Below are the information on the 'Ice Bracelet' 'Code Name C' uses:   a. Ingredients required for crafting weapon is reduced by 50% (From 11/25 to 12/09)    * Applied weapon grades:     - 34 grade : Divine     - 35 grade : Elite Constellation, Strata Devil     - 36 grade : Elite Bristia, Armonia     - 37 grade : Valeron     - 38 grade : 5 Elemental, Abyss Arma, Deus Machina   b. Drop rate increases in Rank Missions (From 11/25 to 12/09)    - 35 grade : Rank4, Rank5 (Elite Constellation, Strata Devil)    - 36 grade : Rank5 (Elite Bristia), Rank6 (Elite Bristia, Armonia)    - 37 grade : Rank7 (Valeron)    - 38 grade : Rank7+ (5 Elemental, Abyss Arma, Deus Machina)       4. BUG FIXES   > Character / Skill   - Fixed the issue that when using Christina’s <Effulgeo> in field PVP, Block Rate is ignored according to the ‘Ignore Defense’ value.   - Fixed the issue that the special effect of ‘Rubiana’, ‘Increases Skill ATK against enemy under [Golden Circle Mark]’ is applied as x3 instead of the intended x4.   - Fixed the issue that [Anesthesia] buff of character Tom’s <ANE> is applied in a wider range than the selected area.     > Graphic / UI   - Fixed the issue that weapon effect is shown awkwardly during [Soulbringer] stance.    > Other   - Fixed the issue that the ‘Accuracy +10’ effect of ‘Star Arbiter Gloves’ from Unique Accessory Options Reorganization is not applied.     5. GENERAL MAINTENANCE    > System Maintenance   - We will be performing general maintenance on our internal servers and system.

November 25th, 2020


End of Sale Notice: iCash Shop Character Package

Greetings Pioneers,   The sales of the following premium items sold in the iCash Shop will end shortly and the items in question will be removed from the shop according to the schedule below.     [Removed Date]  - November 25, 2020 during the scheduled maintenance   [Removed Item]  - Collection Character Package - Light  - Collection Character Package - Premium ※Characters will be continuously added to the Collection Character Summon Stone.   Please refer to the notice and make sure you have no mistake in enjoying the service.   Thank you.

November 18th, 2020



The game closes down with a dump error message.


The dump error message will ask you to send the error details over to IMCGames with your details.

Click [Yes (Y)] on the message and send in the error details. Then, send us a report with the time at which the error details were sent and we will investigate the source of the error.


I moved the installation folder to another location and now the patch won't execute.


This problem occurs when the installation path isn't correctly recognized by the system. Please proceed with the steps below.

1. Click the Windows Start button then open the Execute window by clicking on the corresponding shortcut or pressing the Windows key + R.

2. In the Execute window, type 'regedit' and click the confirmation button to open the registry editor.

3. Press Ctrl + F to open the Search menu, then enter 'Granado Espada', 'Granado Espada/ge.exe', or the folder path where the game was first installed to confirm the location of the installation folder.

4. After you've found the folder path, right-click it and change it to the folder path where game's folders are currently located.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to change all the registries with the original installation path to the new location of the game folders.

If the same error continues to occur even after changing the registries, you can solve the issue by uninstalling Granado Espada and reinstalling it in your desired path.


A sharing violation error message appears while the client is patching.


The sharing violation error message appears when game options are changed while the client is patching or due to certain antivirus programs. Please proceed with the steps below to solve the issue.

- After executing the client, refrain from doing any other actions (e.g. changing game options).

- Remove the Granado Espada game folder from the targets of your antivirus program before running the client.

- Temporarily disable your antivirus program before running the client.

If the issue isn't solved after attempting these steps, kindly report it to us with the following information:

1) The updater.revision.txt file contained in the Granado Espada game folder

2) Information about your current antivirus program(s)

3) A screenshot of all the programs running in the Processes tab of your Windows Task Manager


There's an error in the ge.exe file.


Errors in the ge.exe file can occur when there's a clash between your OS and the client, or when a file is lost or corrupted during a client update.

First, run a check on malware / adware / registry / disk to eliminate any sources of errors. If the problem persists, reinstall the client, then reinstall your OS.

When a clash occurs between programs in your PC and the issue cannot be solved through the previous steps, you may need to reinstall.