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[VIDEO] Granado Espada Preview

Greetings Pioneers,  Introducing our New Updates Preview. Check it out below!                 

August 17th, 2018

Patch Notes

Scheduled Maintenance for (Thursday) August 16, 2018

Hello, imcGAMES here. We would like to announce the details of the maintenance scheduled for (Thursday) August 16, 2018. Make sure to check below for the schedule and patch notes.   MAINTENANCE PERIOD - [SGT] 13:00 to 15:00 (August 16, 2018) - [EDT] 01:00 to 03:00 (August 16, 2018)   PATCH NOTES 1. EVENTS - New Rubiana's Blessing Event! - This event is open from the scheduled maintenance on August 16 to October 10, 2018. - Details about the event will be announced soon through our News page! - Colony Wars Special Event (NA Server Only) - All the members of factions that successfully occupied at least one colony in the Colony Wars of August 12, 2018 will receive the corresponding event rewards. - Rosa's Rock Festival Event - The event is coming to an end with this maintenance. - Remember that G.e.G Concert Tickets and [Rock Spirit] buffs will be deleted.   2. GENERAL MAINTENANCE - System Maintenance - We will be performing a general maintenance on our internal servers and system.

August 14th, 2018


Rubiana's Blessing Event

Greetings Pioneers,   Introducing Rubiana's Blessing Event! The event will start after the Scheduled Maintenance on August 16, 2018, and will be held for eight weeks!   Event Period FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 16, 2018 TO the scheduled maintenance on October 10, 2018   Who Can Participate - This event is open to all Families.   How to Participate 1. Login to Granado Espada every day! - Talk to NPC 'Rubiana' in Cite de Reboldoeux once per day to receive the following items.   Item Qtt Imperial Token 50 Pet Food 3 - 5 Event Soul Crystal 1 - 3 Event Steroid Potion 1 - 2 Event Principal Ampule 1 - 3 Veteran G EXP Card 1 - 3 ※ Note: If you are using Home Premium Service (Expert), you can win Imperial Token x100. 2. Complete daily quests! - Visit the Imperial Bailiff NPC once per day to enter a rank mission daily quest. - Complete the daily quest to receive Imperial Token x100. - Receive even more rewards according to your total of daily quests complete.   Reward Quests Event Grade 33 Weapon Box x2 5 Event Grade 33 Weapon Box x2 10 Event Grade 34 Weapon Box x2 15 Event Grade 34 Weapon Box x2 20 Event Grade 34 Weapon Box x2 25 Event Grade 35 Weapon Box x1 30 Event Grade 35 Weapon Box x1 35 Event Grade 35 Weapon Box x1 40   3. Get Imperial Tokens as drop items! - Imperial Tokens will drop from monsters in all fields, except for missions. - The higher the monster's level, the higher the chances that it will drop Tokens. - Players using Home Premium Service also have their drop rates doubled!   4. Exchange your Imperial Tokens for reward items! - Visit the Imperial Quartermaster NPC and exchange your Imperial Tokens for the following sets of items.   Stage Items Qtt Tokens 1 Event Warp Free Pass (15 Days) 1 500 Event Warp Extend – 30 (15 Days) 1 Settler's Experimental Weapon Voucher 3 Settler's Experimental Armor Voucher 3 Event Enhanced Steroid Liquor 30 Event Principal Potion 30 2 Holy Lv 1 (60 Days) Manual 1 750 Event Equipment Preset Drill 3 Event Triumph Potion 30 Event Training Card G 50 Veteran G EXP Card 100 Event Weapon Costume Merchant Stone - Vernier 1 3 Shiny Necklace of Crusader 2 750 Shiny Earring of Crusader 2 Event Soul Crystal 50 Veteran G EXP Card 200 Event Enchant Chip Veteran 250 Event Enchant Chip Expert 250 Event Santo De Blanc Costume (Male) Summon Stone 1 4 Event Character Card Box III 1 1,000 Holy Lv 2 (60 Days) Manual 1 Event Enhanced Steroid Liquor 30 Event Soul Crystal 50 Expert G EXP Card 100 Event Tears of Ana 10 Event Weapon Costume Merchant Stone - Character 1 5 Event Enchant Stabilizer (5 Min) 1 1,000 Event Triumph Liquor 20 Event Principal Liquor 20 Event Master Card 3 Event Tears of Sara 3 Event Training Card G 100 Expert G EXP Card 200 Event Enchant Chip Veteran 450 Event Enchant Chip Expert 450 Event Santo De Blanc Costume (Female) Summon Stone 1 ※ Acquiring a higher-level Holy Manual will delete the previously-acquired manual, regardless of how much time there is left in its duration.   5. Purchase other useful items with your Imperial Tokens at the exclusive shop!   Item Tokens Doll Watch Spring of Oblivion 100 Machine Soldier' Screw 100 Magical Rose 100 Titan Alloy 100 Blood-stained Tooth 100 Blood Stained Fingernail 100 Leg Bone 100 First Hunt Spoil 100 Unwithering Rose Petal 100 Vampire Heart 100 Moon Stone 100 Complex Shaped Part 100 Complex Device 100 Devil Heart 100 Eagle Eyeball 100 Bullet Shell 100 Tough Refined Steel 100 Event Barrack Slot License 300 Event Weapon Costume Merchant Stone - Curse 2,500 Event Weapon Costume Merchant Stone - Vernier 2,500 Event Weapon Costume Merchant Stone - Character 2,500 Event Combat Manual - Expert (7 Days) 750 Event Field Manual - Expert (7 Days) 750 Event Red Devil Wing (7 Days) 750 Event Custom Wing Exchange Coupon (30 Days) 1,000 Event Increase Private Storage - 900 (15 Days) 1,500 Event Weapon Costume Exchange Coupon 1,500   IMPORTANT   - Event rewards cannot be traded or exchanged. - Imperial Token items and the [Holy] buff will be deleted after the event period.

August 16th, 2018



The game closes down with a dump error message.


The dump error message will ask you to send the error details over to IMCGames with your details.

Click [Yes (Y)] on the message and send in the error details. Then, send us a report with the time at which the error details were sent and we will investigate the source of the error.


I moved the installation folder to another location and now the patch won't execute.


This problem occurs when the installation path isn't correctly recognized by the system. Please proceed with the steps below.

1. Click the Windows Start button then open the Execute window by clicking on the corresponding shortcut or pressing the Windows key + R.

2. In the Execute window, type 'regedit' and click the confirmation button to open the registry editor.

3. Press Ctrl + F to open the Search menu, then enter 'Granado Espada', 'Granado Espada/ge.exe', or the folder path where the game was first installed to confirm the location of the installation folder.

4. After you've found the folder path, right-click it and change it to the folder path where game's folders are currently located.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to change all the registries with the original installation path to the new location of the game folders.

If the same error continues to occur even after changing the registries, you can solve the issue by uninstalling Granado Espada and reinstalling it in your desired path.


A sharing violation error message appears while the client is patching.


The sharing violation error message appears when game options are changed while the client is patching or due to certain antivirus programs. Please proceed with the steps below to solve the issue.

- After executing the client, refrain from doing any other actions (e.g. changing game options).

- Remove the Granado Espada game folder from the targets of your antivirus program before running the client.

- Temporarily disable your antivirus program before running the client.

If the issue isn't solved after attempting these steps, kindly report it to us with the following information:

1) The updater.revision.txt file contained in the Granado Espada game folder

2) Information about your current antivirus program(s)

3) A screenshot of all the programs running in the Processes tab of your Windows Task Manager


There's an error in the ge.exe file.


Errors in the ge.exe file can occur when there's a clash between your OS and the client, or when a file is lost or corrupted during a client update.

First, run a check on malware / adware / registry / disk to eliminate any sources of errors. If the problem persists, reinstall the client, then reinstall your OS.

When a clash occurs between programs in your PC and the issue cannot be solved through the previous steps, you may need to reinstall.