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Catch That Soccer Ball! Event


Jun 14th, 2018

Greetings Pioneers,

The Catch That Soccer Ball! Event will start after the Scheduled Maintenance on June 14, 2018, and will be held for five weeks!

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on June 14, 2018
the scheduled maintenance on July 18, 2018

Who Can Participate

- This event is open to all Families.

How to Participate

STEP 1. Purchase the Red Ball Pet from the Pet Expert NPC in Office Street, Reboldoeux! The Red Ball Pet Box will cost you 500,000 Vis.

STEP 2. Talk to Jaina in Office Street, Reboldoeux and complete daily quest missions! All you need to do is catch the ball monsters and bosses that appear in the mission to win the following rewards.

2018 Support Box x3
- Use to obtain one random item (see STEP 3 pet drops)!

2018 Support Ticket x1
- Exchange for other useful items at the Ticket Shop!



2018 Support Box


Event Pet Box (Blue Ball)


Event Red Devil Wing (7 Days)


STEP 3. Use Your Red/Blue Ball pet! Your active Red/Blue Ball pet will apply a special event buff of attack on monsters +10%, all stats +3, penetration +5, immunity +5, defense +10, critical +5 and movement speed +10%!

- Note: After the event, your Red/Blue Ball pet stats will return to normal: item pickup, ATK +5%, ATK SPD +5%, HP recovery +100.

STEP 4. Walk around with your active Red/Blue Ball pet to receive one of the following items at random intervals!


Event [Punisher] Stance Book Event Training Card B
Event [Innocentio] Stance Book Event Training Card G
Event [Soulbringer] Stance Book Medal of Honor A
Event [Heavy Stinger] Stance Book Medal of Honor B
Event [Placidez] Stance Book Doll Watch Spring of Oblivion
Event [Creacion] Stance Book Machine Soldier Screw
Event [Rosa Secreta] Stance Book Magical Powered Rose
Event [Violeta Perro] Stance Book Titan Alloy
Event [Corsair] Stance Book Blood-stained Tooth
Event [Carrier] Stance Book Blood-stained Fingernail
Event Ring Box of Richard Leg Bone
Event Ring Box of Curan First Hunt Spoil
Event Ring Box of Veiren Unwithering Rose Petal
Event Ring Box of Genos Vampire Heart
Event Ring Box of Chester Moon Stone
Event Soul Crystal Complex Shaped Part
Event Principal Ampule Complex Device
Veteran G EXP Card Devil Heart
Veteran B EXP Card Eagle Eyeball
Expert G EXP Card Bullet Shell
Expert B EXP Card Tough Refined Steel
Event Training Card A EXP Card Grade 71


- Event rewards cannot be traded or exchanged.
- After the event, Red/Blue Ball pet stats return to normal, and they lose the ability to drop items.
- 2018 Support Boxes and Tickets will be deleted after the event period.

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